Me and X
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2001-11-26 13:26:25 (UTC)

can life be more crazy

for anyone whos even checked out my diary.. they know my
life is crazy..
fasten your seatbelts... it got crazier..
you might be wondering why i havent written in my diary and
i want to sit here and type forever but i have to meet x at
9.. thats right.. in down south.. i hopped a bus and drove
down here..
since ive been here hes hurtme only a couple of times but
that stopped.. things are going okay now.. ive been down
for over a week..
im moving here.
oh ya.. im homeless now..
guess where ive been staying
ive been staying at x's house with his damn wife in the
next room.. he sneaks me in after she falls asleep and i
sleepi n the bed with him (because they sleep in seperate
bedrooms). we havent gotten caught for a week.. in the
morning i either leave before she gets up.. or i stay in
bed, she comes in and wakes him up... and i hide under the
blankets.. im right there and she has no idea. though i do
not like doing that.. my heart pounds........
so.. when he has to be at home.i go to a bar and read and
talk to random strangers.. or walk around walmart.. or just
fucking sit outside.. im getting lonely a little.. but. i
just cant beleive this is happening!! boy oh boy.
there is so much more. so so so much more.. like my
parents called her and told her that he hit me and that i
was missing.. she probably thinks im dead..
anyone who has ever read my diary and saw that i havent
written in almost 2 weeks might think i am dead too.. my
parents thought i was. well..
im moving down here when we scrounge enough money..
i can get a place for 285 bucks.. a nice little room in a
nice little neighborhood.. and x just might end up staying
there with me a lot. (they fight all the time.. ) we'll
see. i dont know what to say because things are so crazy
and busy and so much has gone on.
my life up north is pretty much over.. now i have to find a
new job and a new life down here. i also think i might be
pregnant. god how did i end up this way!!!
i am happy i am with x though. i actually prefer it this
way. spending all my time with him fills me.. gotta go