Squeeb's world
2001-11-26 11:28:32 (UTC)

It's all good

Ok, just forget about the last few whiny "Nobody likes me"
entries. Kim came back last night and she was back to
herself again. Apparently her shoulder had been out of whack
the past couple of days so she went home and went to the
chriopractor on the weekend and was so cheerful yesterday.
So she came home and we spent 2 hours decorating our place
for Christmas. It looks like a garland factory threw up but
anyhoo... it's Christmassy. Oh! The Stampeders won the Grey
Cup last night. I was all excited cuz I was actually
cheering for them just cuz it's Calgary- there was a friggin
hottie on that team too. Anyways... oh and my Petes lost to
Toronto last night but oh well. Well I should get my ass in
gear for school. Later!

Current mood: sleepy but happy
Current music: something on the Wolf