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2001-11-26 07:50:43 (UTC)

who knows?

it's the last day of my thanksgiving break. friday was
weezer and me and my boyfriend and his friends went. it was
a lot of fun. when it was over and we were in the car he
was sitting there, just starring at me strait in the eyes.
he looked like he was smiling. it was the most comfortable
look i think that i ever got from him. it was a beautiful
look, the look in his eyes. it just told me that he really
cared. then he pulled me close and whispered in my
ear, "you're so beautiful." the first thing that i thought
was: oh God, i love this boy. then he kissed me on the
cheek and hugged me tight. it wasn't because he said that
that i love him so much. it's the fact that when he said
it, i felt like what he said was true. i felt like i could
see myself through his eyes and i really felt beautiful. i
really do love him...oh!! and then we kissed a lot and then
he pulled me away to tell me that he's never gonna leave
me...i do.

yesterday was my sisters sweet sixteen. he was here with
me. i introduced him to my family. i didn't introduce him
as my boyfriend, just gave them his name. i hope it didn't
bug him because i don't like to give him that title. it
sounds so unimportant and he's more to me than just a
title. more to me than just that...they liked both him and
his parents.

it was funny because when he was leaving the party he told me that we
should get married because he couldn't see anything wrong with us
since our families got along. i couldn't tell if he was being cute or
if he was being serious. who knows?...

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