a little piece of me
2001-11-26 06:28:01 (UTC)

11:58 and all is well?

so uh, yeah. today. today is almost tomorrow. looky
there. i've fucked around for a few minutes and it's
already tomorrow. hehe. i'm so weird sometimes i freak
myself out. lol. i love being weird. it's so, so...well,
confining, yet liberating at the same time. hmmm. i'm not
making much sense tonight. oh well. no one said i had to
make sense.

oh dear lord. back to school tomorrow. i'm going to be so
tired. sometimes i'm not sure why i'm even in school. why
do i try so hard? i know i know...only a few weeks left.
then one more semester. then...well, then i get to
join 'the real world'. i get to get a 'real job'. big
fucking deal! let's see...i already know about the real
world. i've lived on my own for a few years now. i've
experienced the fake friends, the bills, the car troubles,
the shitty relationships, the bad jobs, the money troubles,
the family troubles, the deaths, the births. if that's not
the real world, what the hell is? and as for a real job?
oh i've had those. those are the jobs where you work your
ass off day in and day out, only to have the government
swipe a good chunk of your paychecks for taxes. hmph. a
career? a career is just a permanent bad job. i think i
like the idea of mine, but i'm going to have to deal with
those damn coworkers, and then people coming in with their
whiny kids asking me stupid fucking questions all day

you know, i like swear words. fuck. that's such a
beautiful word. i don't care that swearing makes a person
sound ignorant. i guess it's fun to play stupid sometimes,
not that i'm smart or anything to begin with. if people
think you're stupid, you can get away with a lot more.
hmmm. i dunno. well, now that it's tomorrow and i have to
get up in a few hours for school, i guess i better go.
yay. good night all.