ambiant pisces
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2001-11-26 06:25:22 (UTC)

demystifying personalities

sometimes you just have to dig deep to find somebody's true actually have to initiate and
sacrifice some part of you first. i find that's the only
effective rhetoric that i can use with people, and not with
anybody in general. i have something you would call
projected intuition. i can just tell if someone's trying to
give me an impression that's not really him or her. what's
wrong with people...i mean i'm insecure but goddamn. i bet
your secrets aren't as bad as mine and you don't have to
flaunt your material possessions. your experiences matter,
but let's not get carried away with how many people you
have slept with or how much g's you get. i don't need that
and i don't want to know about. all i want to know is what
kind of a person you are and i want some trust in it. and
most of the time people can't give that to me. i'm gonna
shut up now...

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