Meanwhile. back in the band room
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2001-11-26 06:09:44 (UTC)

computer labs: sexual hotbed?

I really think that computer labs are the untapped dating
resource of our time. For example, I am sitting here doing
my research, as is everyone else, when I look up, and there
he is. I am half shocked that the lights didn't dim and
ethereal music didn't start playing. He is quite sexy, and
he is obviously hard-working and studious (unless of course
he is looking up free porn. Damn these privacy screens!),
qualities any self-respecting female is looking for in
prime man-beef. And think about how easy it would be to
start a conversation in here. No sleazy pick up lines, no
praying your eyes might meet by chance, no drunken lap
dances to get his attention, just a simple, coy, eye-
batting,"I'm having trouble gettting (insert random
project here) to work. Do you think you might be able to
help me." If he doesn't assist you, the damsel-in-distress,
he is not your Prince Charming anyway (please pardon the
trite analogy). You didn't even have to go through the
phone number litmus test to find out, just a simple
question, with minimal chance of a low-grade rejection. I
really think I'm on to something here. Pardon me whilst I
warm up my eyes for batting...