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2001-11-26 06:02:28 (UTC)


Why does it seem that the story of everyone's lives right
now is confusing? The problem here is that lately there
are more important things in my life than worrying about
me, and only me. There are more people in the world than
me that I care about. For example, my the scheme
of things my little confusion about me and my life are of a
trival nature. All in all it really just makes me feel
worse, I should care more about what my mom is dealing with
and trying to help her rather than worry about silly boys.
Ugg...I'm sick of this, If you are reading this and don't
know what I am talking about, just email and ask, I'll
explain it, I just don't want to tell the whole world only
those you care enough to ask:)
Anyhow on a brighter note I am now back at Central:) I saw
a few of my friends when I got back which I was super happy
to do. However I was sad that I didn't get a chance to
talk to Elizabeth, maybe I'll get up early and go eat with
her:) Plus I didn't get to see some of my other friends so
that was kind of annoying. I only have so much time though
in one day, oh and damn I forgot to call my mom and tell
her I made it up safely, opps. Okay anyways I think I am
going to bed since the person I want to talk to on AIM
isn't responding.

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