lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-11-26 05:51:43 (UTC)

sweet children

ahh so i open my little mailbox. ooh mail. this is
great. i wonder who it's from. phil? marisa? zach?
meghan? joe? ahh the people i want to hear from these
days. but then i clickety click on it and GUESS WHAT?
it's porn. for the second time today!

ahh there is nothing worse than thinking you're gonna get
some sort of cool email and it ends up being porn. or else
a little "forward this to 10 people and your crush will
ring your doorbell in seven seconds and make out with you"
email. those are on the same level as porn to me. ok??

so here's what i think. i think britt used her connections
to the rated-x world and hooked me up with some regular
updates from her friends. ahh that was soo funny in my
head!! drat!

ahh today was jolly. no wait. maybe, i dunno. but
tomorrow's monday and ahh i fear that schooly
establishment. sunday nights are the worst for me cuz it
starts hitting & i realize that hey i have to go there
again tomorrow and deal with a whole day of my few friends,
which are mostly guys. but ahh thank heaven i didn't get
in with a "bad crowd". and by that i mean girls. haha good

ahh i was just thinking how i used to wish my life had more
drama & excitement & stuff. but at this point in my life,
i wish it was more boring. i know, tough to change black
to dark but that's what i want. plus you always know that
more stuff is right around the bend, and not to be all
weird or freaky but yeah i know i've had a pretty awesome
life in general and things can turn evil fast. so i feel
like i'm waiting for the next evil thing to happen. eek.

ahh i keep writing things & deleting them. i can't make up
my mind what to write. maybe i shouldn't write anything.
maybe i should go to bed for the 3rd time today. ahh
sounds fun. email me. i love ya (unless your name's jon)