2000-11-16 01:46:00 (UTC)

sup spank?? well today just..

sup spank??
well today just sucked ass like a lot ok i have play practice and
i loved it till the gay ass director started getting a attitude and
being a little bitch i hate that so much. ok today i have troble with
3 lines just because there confusing and well he's gotta yell at me
and make me recite them 30 times and its just really really gay and i
just wanna kill him but i wont cuz i cant hert any 1 im to nice but.
im lke about to quit the damn play. and i knwo its a ok play but
every 1 in the cast is saying it sucks and im the youngest perosn on
the cast and this is my first play but yea it does suck a little its
1 week till show and we r still working on lines so were a little
woried and i gave my g/f a sore throught from kissing her and now i
feel like shit about that. but im gonna get my hair done this weekend
and i cant decide on the color i want i ahve had it every color and i
need some new oppions like i was gonna do it blond with red tips but
my friend alreday did that and that pisses me off to so i think im
gonna go with orange and green that will be ok. well till next time


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