2001-11-26 05:27:25 (UTC)

Sunday, November 25

Hmm... I can't say that much happened today. I actually got
up and ready for church, there's a first. At least first in
a while. I can't even think of any drama going on. I
haven't gotten into any arguments with Jarom lately. And I've been doing a lot better about learning when to keep my mouth shut.

There's so much happening on Tuesday. Math test. Short story rough draft due, and I've barely started. Art packets due for
AcaDeca. And then the art test on Wednesday, physics test Thursday. At least we find out tomorrow who's on first string and who's
on second string AcaDeca. I'm not worried about making first string anymore, seeing as I've got the highest overall score on the team,
but I really hope that Jarom is going to make it too. I can't see why he wouldn't. But for some reason it just seems like something is
going to go terribly wrong. Or maybe it already has with this whole Alicia thing. GRRR. Compulsive lying is very, very aggravating.
And there isn't anyone else to see through her, because she's convinced everyone of herself for so long. I almost wish that I hadn't
been so close to her so that I wouldn't have to sit there and listen so many times to her outright lies.

Ooh... enough venting. I read The Black Cauldron yesterday, and I cried. It's sad! Jarom laughed when I told him that. But, it's true.
The part where Adaon dies... and then when Taran gives up the brooch... sigh! Taran was grown-up and mature for a minute. I love it
when he does that. And then when that darned Ellydir had to be all valiant and sacrifice himself! Yes, I'm in high school, and I cried
over a kids' book. But HEY, it's such a good book!

Anyhow, I think that's about all I've got for tonight. I'm very tired of going to church youth functions, I think, because there's no one I
talk to anymore besides Jarom and Alex and Va Yee. Jarom and Va Yee weren't even there tonight. It's so uncomfortable trying to
pretend to be friendly with everyone when the fact is, we don't mix. Ba. Well, enough is enough. Goodnight!