Do I get my lap dance now?
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2001-11-26 05:20:05 (UTC)

Still don't know what I was waiting for.

My nose started bleeding just now. Isn't that weird? I'm
not sniffing anything, I was just sitting around, and all
of a sudden, (bam!) blood. Everywhere. It's on my rad
sweatshirt. I dunno, I guess blood stains are kinda cool.
Nose bleeds are gross, though. I think it would be cooler
of blood would shoot out of my eyes instead. Horned toads
squirt blood out of their eyes when they're angry. I was
reading a box of trivial pursuit last night, and that's how
I know.

So K-Mart is appearantly open 24 hours now, which is super
rad, so I'm gonna work there. I'm awake all night anyway.
Being nocturnal is so cool. We get the sweetest jobs. So
I'm gonna work at K-Mart, and only the super rad people are
awake and shopping in the middle of the night, so those are
the only peple I'll have to deal with. And K-Mart is right
accross the street from the apartments I was looking at, so
I'll hafta live there, even though I think it's too close
for comfort to my mommy. Oh well. It won't last long.
I'll be outta here soon. I think I'm gonna try getting a
driving permit on Wednesday. I need to read the book
first. What's today? Sunday? Yeah, I can read the book
between now and then. Easy cheese. I'm in.

current mood: suspicious
current tunes: The Carpet Patrol - Among the Stars
current advice: don't show up to high school hungover.

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