Fazzy's Memoires....
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2001-11-26 05:16:46 (UTC)

Happy Place !!!

Ever wanted to go to your Happy Place ?? Well you need
some information !!! Happy Place is a place inside you
that makes you feel all Happy inside !!!

You can go to your Happy place by closing your eyes...
and recalling the best moments in your past life.. :)
Marco visited such a place today... and here where he

It was a cold stormy winter night... Marco was freezing
in his bed.... Brrrrr.... he's grinding his teeth
together.... Trying to keeep warm... He get's up... runs to
the closet and gets a warmer blanket.. lays it on the bed..
and slips once more.... But.... nothing would keep him
from freeeeezing.... He then opens his computer... And
loads a picture of Christy.... He makes it in a full screen
view on his 17 inch monitor... heads back to his bed... And
stares at Christy's picture... just the sigh of her.. Warms
up Marco at such a high point that he his no longer cold
and dozes off in one of his best sleeps he ever had !!!!

So... Where is your Happy Place ?? If you need help...
Then contact me at 1-888-Hap-ppyy !!! It's a toll free call
and i'll be there to let you know how you can find it.. :)

Also recent news.... Marco Pelletier tonight... Got...
fired from making breakfast.... Who knew that.... chocolate
milk and cereal wasnt any goood ??????????? Well seems
like no one would eat it cause they think that.... It just
doesnt mixed... chocolate milk Alphabits with
Marshmellows.... sounds gooood..... they jus dont know to
appreciate my cooking.. /nod

My final words of the day...

DONT WORRY !!! BE HAPPY !!!!!!! lalalalalalal

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