sexypeople only ,,,, my life
2001-11-26 05:07:05 (UTC)

today is sunday

hey every one, how's ot going well all iam really going to
say is that only 5 MORE DAYS, u are probly thinking 5 days
tell what well MY 13th BIRTHDAY it's going to be soo tight
cause iam going to the beaverton hoop iam taking
Nicole,Lindsay,Chad,Erick, and maybe Robert i dunno well
anywayz iam giving out 217 invo's invatations to all the
7th and 8th graders this is what thay say
For: Amanda Lopresti
when: november,30,2001 and well if i tell u anything eles
then that would be bad soo i will just shut my mouth
anywayz all iam going to say is that it isa going to be
bomb well in have to bounce- bizzzzzzzzounce


email: [email protected]

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