My diary
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2001-11-26 04:53:36 (UTC)


Omg, shopping used to be fun!, lol I have a Winter Formal
that is this Saturday (december 1st) and I had to get a
dress and shoes and all the other crap u have to get for a
nice dance, so I was out for hours and hours going to
different stores trying to find the "perfect" dress, if
there is such a thing!, lol well after about 20 differnt
stores, i finaly found the perfect dress at Meier and
Frank, and usualy they are very expensive, but this dress
was only $44 so it worked out fine. I cant wait till
Winter Formal comes thats gunan be the best night of my
life! Im going with my friend Apollo, but I miss Emiliano
so DAMN much,I just wish i could be in his arms and hug and
kiss him and never let him go!... oh well I can dream right?

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