The Daily Babble
2001-11-26 04:44:56 (UTC)

Happy Holidays!

Well I know I'm a lil late with the wishes, but they're
still for real, hehe. I hope everyone had a good
holiday!! My week went by pretty quickly...

Monday was the usual work and classes. Oh I finally
had "dinner" with Adam, ..we got together at the cafeteria
and ate and chatted for a lil while.

Tuesday was kind of upsetting because Jeff and I had some
annoying conversations via email, so after my class, I
drove down to Millburn to see him. We spent like a half
hour together [he took a lil break from work]..we walked
over to this lil cafe and had crepes and a shake and "made
up"...I think it was good that I went down, but when I came
back home I got an email from him that said he had almost
asked me not to come!!! I couldn't believe it! But at
least things are ok now. That evening, I also had my
appointment with the wisdom teeth some x-rays and
of course, he told me I need to get my teeth pulled,
wooppee...I made the appointment, but I just realized that
I made the appointment for the week of finals! So now I've
gotta move it til after I get back from NC..oh well, I'm in
no rush!!!

Wednesday was an ok day...I had a totally productive
morning, but after lunch things just went downhill, hehe.
Me and Nimra went to lunch at On the Border and when we got
back, we did like NO work. I mean lil things here and
there, but nothing the boss and his
brother came in so whenever they're all around, its just
total chaos and no one gets anything done, hehe. I
basically waited for Jeff to email me and say they're
getting out early..but then he emails me at 4:30 and
says "we're getting out now"!! Shesh I leave
work and chat with Cathlin on my way down..I hit SO much
traffic, that I didn't get to his house until 6:45PM!!!!!
I was flipping out in the car, it was SO annoying. But
things got better once I got to Jeff's. I gave him his
present and we just spent some time together. I think he
liked the shirt...I mean, he didn't ask me to return it so
I guess that's good. =-) We got pizza from across the
street for dinner and just hung out til I had to go at
10:30PM. It was a good time.

Thursday I had to spend time with the family and go to
dinner at one of my aunt's house. The one who's daughter
got married in June. So we watched the wedding video and
looked at the pictures..had dinner and came home. Friday I
just did some work and hung out at home.

Saturday was pretty parents left for
Pennsylvania and then Christine called me and told me that
Andrew proposed to her!!!!!! Of course she accepted AND
she asked me to be a bridesmaid!!!!!!!!!! SO TOTALLY
EXCITING!!! After talking to her, I made lunch, talked to
Jeff and then headed over to his house to see him. [Twas
his birthday]...I got there and gave him his last
present...the Fossil wallet. He loved the gift box it came
in [so I'm glad I paid extra for it!!] and the wallet was
really nice too, so I'm glad he liked everything. We went
shopping at Kohls for a while and then came back to go out
to dinner with his parents and cousin. We went to Macaroni
Grill and then walked around the Indian part of town before
heading home. I couldn't stick around at Jeff's cuz it got
late, when we got to his house I just had to grab my stuff
and say bye to him so that kinda sucked, but it was a
pretty good night. When I got home, I talked to my lil Jui
on the phone until the line got cut and then me and my
sister watched Ally McBeal re-runs, hehe.

Sunday was just a day of catching up on work and TV shows
[hehe] and waiting for my parents to come home....I talked
to Cath a few times and then did some work for Anand's
wedding and some of my own work...and now I think its time
for bed for me! Should be another fun filled week up ahead!