Susann's Life
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2001-11-26 04:36:26 (UTC)

Why oh why

Are we fumbling around in this non-direct communication with
one another, trying to figure out where we are and what we
are feeling.

As you said, there are many kinds of love. I never have
claimed to love you. I'm not sure I know what love is.
Strange that in 23 years I haven't figured that one out...
and I'm not sure I want to.

I think you intrigue me, because I don't feel like I have to
emotionally detach from you, like I do to so many others--
friends and boyfriends--- every day of my life. The
emotional intimacy I have with you, I've never replicated.
Other than my family, I've been able to write and say things
that I couldn't with my best of friends.

Which tells me you are one of my favorite people in the
world and I'm not ready to let you go. You bring out the
best in me, and I can't thank you enough for that. You've
seen me grow up-- struggle with college growing pains and
drama... and I've done the same for you. If something is
really wrong in life, I call you. And you do the same.

So what word do we put with that? I guess that's the
question of the hour. As most bad relationships end... "I
love you, but I'm not IN love with you."

And I think that's ok. For now.

No wedding bells in our future, that's for damn sure. 7th
Heaven :)