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2001-11-26 04:01:16 (UTC)

youre asking me a question. and..

youre asking me a question.
and i dont have an answer to give to you.
and im sorry.
im sorry for hurting you.
but thats the price you bargained for.
you need so much.
you need so much more
that what i can give you
and yes, i do love you.
and i want you to be happy.
and yeah...
i think thats why im leaving.
i guess you know
i always thought
that my place in your life.
would be stationary.
but, people
they are everchanging.
and i know now.
that me being in your life.
bring you more pain.
than happiness.
and i cant keep bring you down.
i cant keep letting you down.
and im not saying that i dont love you.
im just saying
i dont love you.
in the same way that you love me.
not anymore baby.
and i know thats not what you want to hear.
and i know you dont understand.
and i know that i fucked us up.
and i know that you hate me for it.
and i know that you love me more than anyone probably.
but i cant help thinking that
youd be better off.
without me.
so this is me leaving.
this is my goodbye.
my goodbye to you.
and i know youll be crying.
but i know it will pass.
but only without me here
to remind you of all of our past.
and i cant tell you how sorry i am.
sorry that i hurt you
sorry that i loved you.
and sorry that its over now.
but it is.
and im always here for you.
and the only reason im leaving.
is because i love you.
and one day.
i hope youll realize all of this.