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2001-11-26 03:55:09 (UTC)

mark..... dad let me sleep ova melissas house last
nite, and shit was it interesting! Well, melissas older
brother, rob, he was like flirtin wit me and shit, and then
he was talkin to me in the kitchen, and he was like, if i
get naked will u, i was like boy, ur smokin crack~! Cuz he
hooked up wit my cuzin ashley the last time i slept ova
there, and i hooked up wit mark....and mark was there last NEwayz, it was all messed up....but then like he
was tryin to get wit me, but i was like pushin him
away....and i thought that i was over mark, but then he
started bein funny and soo cute like usual....and i luv
that kid! I dont even know what it is...OMG, rob was huggin
me, and then he started to push me on top of mark, and i
was liek stop, ur pushin me on mark, and mark goes....i
dont care, id like it if u were on top of me or sum shit
like that! I was like WTF! i thought that he h8d me! But i
luv mark soo much!but he deFf h8s me! o well, gots to go!