2001-11-26 03:30:08 (UTC)

the words from your lips. are..

the words from your lips.
are forming.
but i cant read.
between these lines.
sometimes i think
it would be nice.
if you were a simple person.
simple like me.
broad and displayed.
like some fish.
in a bowl.
a cage.
this all is such..
in disarray.
and youre singing
these lines.
in time.
in such dismay.
like youre finally feeling.
like youre finally meaning.
everything that you say
but now.
now its too late.
its just
too late.
and all of this fate that you speak of.
all of the rape.
that you invision.
of love and fruit.
and family and roots.
its inevitable.
and its clear.
that youre just..
youre just not here.
not here to me anymore.
not home to me anymore
just not now.
not anymore.
i stopped.
i stopped trying.
and were done.
were done after all the struggling.
all of these words.
tears. letters. fucking. and love making.
you are just
a little too late.