What's up now?
2001-11-26 03:01:35 (UTC)


What a weekend :) I ate way too much food, slept way too
much, and had way too good of a time....well I dont really
know if any of those things are possible, but I did all of
the above :) Wednesday night I went up north to spend
Thanksgiving...there were 28 of us in this HUGE ass,
beautiful cottage we rented up was great :)
Spent a few days there then came back friday :) Then I had
a VERY good time with my friends, I got to see Lauren and
Erika and AC and some other great people and had a really
good time, then we went to a party Michelle's friends from
home were was cool too :) Then Erika and I
went back to her place and was great :)I was
in much need of some hometown lovin....Saturday I got to
sleep in, then Brian and I hung out for the greater portion
of the day.....It was fantastic!!! We went to dinner, went
to a movie, then had a lot of fun doing nothing, and
everything :) It was cool :) Today(sunday) we had our
secong thanksgiving with my aunt and uncle...that was nice
too, then went to the mall, did no shopping, then Brian
came over was great AGAIN!!!! But as I
sit here, still at home, sitting where I am soo
comfortable, I wish I never had to go back. It was so easy
for me to pick up the phone and have him come over....its
something I'll never take for granted because when I am
able to do it, it's so awesome!!! Its what I always wish I
could do, so I'm glad I stayed home one extra day, just to
be with him....