ambiant pisces
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2001-11-26 02:50:54 (UTC)


mara, mara...happy b-day mara. that party was really fun
last night. well, if anything matters, what taught me last
night was that friends are so easily forgotten. i don't
understand my relationship with acquaintances. but i'm
definite that i would love to continue something good.
broken promises are so prominent that i tend not to care
for it anymore. "call me!" "i will." and you never heard
from that person again. i had the opportunity to meet new
people last night...they were really chill. but it's such
as small world that those people are my friends' siblings!
that i never knew existed and i'm quite dumbfounded. but
then i'm always perturbed so after the fact...that does not
matter much anymore. blah blah...i'm rambling and you quite
frankly don't care. so i'm gonna shut up. but do watch
american history x. i loved it. neo-nazi's, racism,
resolving hate through violence, just a rhetoric for
teaching moral lessons. that's also interesting (here i go
again). when relied on their beliefs to such an extent that
there is no way of persuading those people from their train
of thought. that's vague. what i'm trying to say is that,
when you believe in something so much, no matter what
anybody say you're gonna stick to your beliefs. and i think
that narrow-mindedness is what gets people killed.
curiousity didn't kill the cat, it gave it a different life.

eh. later.