Simple Musings
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2001-11-26 02:48:49 (UTC)

First entry.

I just got back to Baltimore after having been in South
Carolina for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was wonderful to
be away from the seminary for a while; but it was
interesting that while I was home, I felt as if this place
never existed. I don't know if that is a good thing or
not. I felt so detached from my daily life here in
Baltimore, as if it was all a distant memory of a life long

I had dinner last night with Susann, a close friend since
high school. I very much enjoyed her company, and it was
wonderful to have spent the evening with an old friend. We
caught up on a lot of things going on in our respective
lives, and I think we should get together more often. What
a great feeling it was to be with an old friend in a
comfortable environment. It was a feeling I have not
experienced in a very long time.

Aristotle calleth, so until tomorrow, I bid my diary adieu.

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