Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-11-26 02:36:35 (UTC)

Friends Again

Well, yes I guess you will see that I talk about my friends
quite often, but they are the things that keep me alive.
Without them, I wouldn't be a person, a whole. Julianne is
having some difficulties right now. She has liked this guy
Caleb for a really really long time, and he liked her too,
or so we thought. She talks to him a lot, and he even said
that he liked her, but that he really doesn't cuz they live
too far apart. He only lives like 40 minutes away. I
personally think that he is pretty dumb. Now, tonight,
after such a good day/weekend we had, he had to ruin it for I'm talking to her just reminding her of all the
funny things we do to keep her from crying. He suddenly
decided that he likes this girl emily, and now he is going
out with her. She also keeps a diary on this site,if you
are interested her name is juliek. I just hope that
everything turns out okay for her. Honestly, Caleb doesnt
even realize what he is losing out on.