Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
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2001-03-28 21:16:33 (UTC)

At school yesterday we got this..

At school yesterday we got this foreign exchange student
form Germany...whoa buddy! He is so hott! My friend Karen
is constantly gawking at him though! I had Spartenette
practice yesterday! We ordered so much stuff! I am going to
have to pay like 100 bucks! Plus the 200-300 dollars for
camp...I will be working my butt off this summer for money!
I feel sorry for my friend Anrea though. She isn't fat, but
she isn't skinny either! And we ordered all these cloths
that are supposed to fit tight...not good! Like we got this
one shirt that is like a sports bra but it cover your whole
stomach...and we got 2 tank tops that are supposed to be a
little tight...she felt so self concious! Then she told
Karen that she was going to go on a diet.
well other than that my life is and has been a bore..later

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