All in the Night
2001-11-26 02:34:05 (UTC)

Muy cansada

This has been the LONGEST weekend ever!!!! I had to work
the day after Thanksgiving and it was sooo Hellish! I had
a 10 hour shift on Friday, 9 on Saturday and then not 9
hours after i left Saturday night i had to go back on
Sunday (this) morning! I think i'm gonna die! Oh well, the
fun part was that i got to carpool yesterday and today. I
love not having to ride by myself!
ON another note, Amber and i went to Wally-World today
after work and goofed off for a long time! I think we
platyed with about everything there was to play around
with! And then tonight Chad and I went to a movie. We saw
Monsters INC. It was soooooo cute! I'm really going to
miss him when he's gone. Jessica was talking to him this
weekend and she said that he didn't want to break up when
he left for Disney, but then she and i were tlaking abotu
it and it's going to be sooo lonely not seeing the person
you're "dating." I'm not trying to be selfish or anything,
but i dont' want to say that i'm going to be miss perfect
and not look at other guys! I need action too!!!! Not
fair! Have you ever noticed that when you spend a hour or
so with a person you smell like whatever scent they're
wearing??? Maybe it's just me.
OH, and Andrew, if you haven't figured out what i
meant when i said you're one of my best friends, give it
up....it's probably not worth it.