2001-11-26 02:23:47 (UTC)


why does everybody think im a god damn lesbian??? Well
thats not even the worst part, they think im a lesbian that
gives a lot of head. wouldnt that make me bi, i think so!
and its complete bullshit. ive never done anything with any
GUY, nevermind girl...and i seriiusly dont ever intend to
do anything with a girl. not that im agaonst lesbians,
freedom of choice nd whatnot, but im just not one. and its
not like in some stupid group of vicious girls who spread
rumors about each other and whatnot. alls i know is
somebody on this planet really doesnt like me, and if i
ever find out who it is im gonna rip their fucking face
off. people i dopnt even know are asking me if i give
head....guh! well i go back to school tomorow, eh, it good
and its bad. we get new classes so i can get away from
people i detest, but then again its school and who the fuck
likes school. "if it werent for boys id quit school" i hate
that saying(sorry im just thinking out loud, well not
actually out loud, but, well you know. god im a mess)
ANYWAYS maybe there will actually be a guy that i will
like, that would be so awesome. i havnt liked somebody in
so long. and im thinking of joing the book club, and YES
its gay and only for looser or whatever people would like
to sterotype it, but im gonna do it cuz i like to read an
y'all can just kiss my ass. sigh, i need to clean up my
head, im going crazy.

peace love and cheerios