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2001-11-26 02:20:16 (UTC)


Yeah I am finally back from break and I am glad to be
here. I dont think that I could have stood the rents much
longer. Not like I would rather live with the roomie
either but I would rather be with someone I can escape by
going for a walk or going swimming. I saw friends and that
was good and saw Aunt Jean today. I know she cant stand to
see Aunt Minnie suffer. I dont think that any of us can.
She is in so much pain. It really sucks to say this but I
hope she will die soon. I hope that she will rest
peacefully. I hate death and funerals, but for her that
would be best. I have so much stuff to do in my room but I
dont feel like it. I have to put sheets on my bed and put
away my laundry. Blah that sucks. I am glad that roomie
isn't back yet she is so annoying. I dont want to deal
with her right now. UGH!!!!!!!! What a blah day! I was
going to go to church today but I didn't wake up in enough
time to go. Sigh. I have dishes that need to be washed
too. I better go and do that stuff. I am sure that I will
write later. Right now I just dont want to. Bye!


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