shell's life
2001-11-26 02:14:41 (UTC)

love?!?!?!?! who knows

well yea. me and my baby are koo now. "thank god" was mad
at him earlier cuz he went to church with me and came home
with me but then he just left like an hour or two later.
well he wrote me some letters. he asked how much i really
loved him and what would i change about him. like i told
him, i pretty much like everything about him but i'd have
to change him huggin on all the girls. he also wanted to
know why i don't believe him when he says that he loves me
and i explained that whole thing to him. well here's the
letter that he just wrote.

its ok babe... aaaawwwww thats sad but u shouldnt think
like that u
always look on the lighter side.. but i think it is easyer
for me than
it is
for other people......
but even though u dont think so a lot of people love u
i know i would gokrazy if i never talked or seen u again
and im not the
only me babe...well im not hugging as many peeps as i
used to but
only down to 2 peeps now
and that is steph and elizabeth only i dont like liz i
dont know why
always wants a hugg i think u have to talk to here about
that for me
well i
have to go babe
love u babe i really do

god i love him so much. if only i could get the courage up
to show him or at least tell him. gots ta go yall...

all my shell