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2001-11-26 01:47:17 (UTC)

Precious Tumbleweed

It is 8:13. That seems like a really good time for me. It's not that good of a time
when I think about it too hard though. Bonehead doensn't have free minutes right
now so there's no chance of him calling me. It's early enough that I feel antsy
enough to do something, but late enough that I'm going to be lazy and just sit on
my ass tonight.

I had a long day...stayed up till six in the morning with Bonehead, slept for three
hours, got woken up and apparently told to get up and ready to leave, but I don't
remember this alleged act taking place...I finally got up, panicked because I was
late picking up my two friends, rushed to get ready and forgot half of my stuff, and
then sat for three hours in a car during the pouring rain, close to tears the whole
time, but trying to hide it. I have a very irrational fear of cars and it is highly
elevated during bad weather. I got back home around 5, ran errands with my sis,
and went right out to dinner with my sis, her fiance, his brother, and his brother's
girlfriend. I just got home. So I'm pretty exhausted. Sleep sounds really good.
Sleep sounds wonderful.

Somewhere in between there I went to the mall. At this one weird store, they
were selling tumbleweeds. Just...tumbleweeds, in bags. Small ones were five
dollars. The biggest one I found was $25. I am not too sure why anyone would
sell them, maybe because they are not that prominent in the eastern environment.
It made me excited though, because I have one, that I filched from Nebraska! It's
gargantuan as well, much bigger than any in the store, more than four times the
size of the biggest one there. So theoretically, my tumbleweed, which I
haphazardly drug back from Nebraska for my own personal pleasure, could be
sold for over one hundred dollars. That's not to say anyone would actually buy it,
but in theory, that just cracks me up. Honestly, I don't think I could sell it though,
even for a hundred dollars. It is just awesome and it reminds me of the great time I
had on that trip and the incredible people I met.

The Victorian ball is this weekend. I'm not sure if I have a dress yet. William didn't
teach us to waltz yet. We're going to be the only people under 40 at this ritzy
country club. It's going to be a really great time. My boyfriend can't come up for it
though and I am so sad! He's helping his dad move, which is totally
understandable. I am really glad that he is spending time with his dad. So it works

I am very satisfied with my visit home. I saw a ton of my old friends, I had alot of
really great talks with Bonehead, I got to eat yummy home-cooked meals...it was
superb. It is strange how older almost everyone looked. I don't think I look that
older. I think my haircut makes me look a little older, but not drastically, like some
people I saw. I almost didn't recognize some people and we've only been out of
a highschool for a half a year. Weird.

Even seeing my boyfriend is a little weird. Every time I see him it seems like his
hair is so much longer and it is just weird to me because that's not how I picture him
in my head. I still see his old hair. It makes sense though, since he wears a hat
most of the time so I hardly even see it.

I want to take a road trip across the country and just stop at all the little towns along
the way that go unnoticed or ignored. Someday.