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2001-11-26 00:25:29 (UTC)

Boring Day

Lets see...I dint do anything today. I just sat around
basically. I slept till 1pm then i just layed on the couch
and watched tv till bout 3...then I think some moitivation
hit me and i finally got ready to do god knows wat. I was
ready for skating..but my friend backed out..loser. I feel
like i wasted a whole day..oh ya..i did. I eventually went
to the store and bought a new watch..which i needed. And
also got some new pics of myself..which i look pretty damn
good in...haha. anyways..then i came home..and wasted more
of my day. Ya i know..wat a life i have...YES!!!
OKIE..thats all i think.

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