lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2001-11-25 23:51:05 (UTC)


if you don't wanna hear about joe, don't read this. but
it's not sappy or sweet, it's just the facts, ma'am.

jon's in town. yes he is, and he brought it all along with
him. i dunno what that means but it's a bad thing, i'll
tell you that much. i was just realizing that when the
whole hume chaos thing started, it was because of jon on
the bus trying to FORCE me to sit by joe, etc, lame lame
LAME!! so yeah his jr highness has cost me in the past and
hopefully the happenings of today were isolated incidents.
heaven knows i can't stand any more of THAT craziness.

so yeah the little note was kinda funny. i laughed. "jo
henry- swap seats when we shake hands and sit by linsy
cause she likes you" ahh that's cute jonny boy.

but then when he started saying, "lindsay, does this change
your feelings for joe??" really loudly while joe was
obviously listening that was bad. not too embarassing or
whatever, i mean forget that whole thing. but i feel bad
for joe who has to deal with people liking him all the
time. haha i know what a burden to be cursed with. but it
sucks to be himmmm...

ahh sorry i know there's a rule about no roo entries but
sometimes things just bubble over. and i gave you advance

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