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2001-11-25 23:42:38 (UTC)

so tired!

well i've just got back from bristol and i'm fecking
knackered! i can hardly type properly.

had a good weekend, in the end. it was lovely to see suzy,
and although she's not 100% fine, i'm sure that everything
will be okay. we took our photo's for owen's wall-of-metal
(tm). i look really crap, but then again i'm not really
that surprised...

songwriting is going sloooooooow. i haven't done anything
in a while. bah. back to work tomorrow. that's not going to
be fun at all. in fact, i'm dreading it. i really want them
to push me over the edge so i quit or something. hopefully
the house situation will be sorted soon and i can get a
place to live in notts.

well anyway, my bed is beckoning....