Fazzy's Memoires....
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2001-11-25 23:25:12 (UTC)

Marco is evil.. :(

I just, not knowingly.. Made someone that i care about
very mad at me. She told me not to laugh at a picture she
sent me.. And well i found the picture funny so i laughed a
bit.. :( And this caused her to stopped talking to me...

You know Christy (( because your most likely the only one
reading this )).. when i was still in high school... like
grade 4 or 5... My mother used to buy my clothes.. and ohhh
would you laugh at me.. I'll try to find a picture, but
image this... Bright blue pants, and a dress shirt about
the same color with some gay flowers on it... And i also
had a green suit similar... At that time, i had no clue it
looked that bad... But after several years, when i look
back at those pictures i cant stop laughing.. hehe

Just imagine someday, we, as parents will dress our
kids.. hehe and they might not always like what we buy

So Christy, i am really sorry... Terribly sorry... I feel
bad that i made you mad. I'm sure that your mother put alot
of work in the uniform and i shouldnt of laughed.. so
please accept my apology...

If you dont want to talk to me today, it's cool sweety..
I know i act like a Jerk sometimes... and that i have to
work on not doing anymore... Cause.. it always hurts the
one i love... including you

*Tears fall from Marco eye*

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