faiien angei

a day in the life...
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2001-11-25 23:19:48 (UTC)

wanna torch the world, cause i'm breathing fire

still havent heard from the boy...
he called tif back though.

he e-mailed anja back as well...

yet he wont call me.
blah on him!

found out from PG's tech that PG is moving out here.

I met some interesting people on Friday...one of them looks
soo much like PG that i had to look at him 3 times to make
sure that it wasnt him...they even had the same voice...and
he was sitting with PG's tech...i freaked out for a
second...and the random thing was some how i ended up at
his house for a party later that night...that's how i met
PG too. Random how things work out like that.

mom just got back from Malaysia...se said that she saw boys
wearing slipknot shirts.


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