2001-11-25 22:47:51 (UTC)

Post-Thanksgiving Return

It is nice to be "home"...even though I was just "home"...I feel at home here, but I
also feel at home in my home town with my family, so I just call them both home.

Thanksgiving was nice. It was strange though, because usually we have alot more
people at the dinner table, but everyone's lives are getting busier and it is getting
harder for everyone to make concrete plans. Still, we had fun, and we celebrated
my birthday too, so that was nice. I got an awesome white down comforter, which
makes me want to stay home all the time. I'd rather just wrap myself up in its softy
goodness and lounge all day.

It was also a very nice weekend with my boyfriend. We talked until the wee hours
of the morning almost every night about our relationship, our families,
everything...things we are having trouble with, irrational fears. The bottom line is,
for dating as long as we have, we probably aren't as far along emotionally as we
should be, but neither of us are very good at dating I guess. He never had a
steady girlfriend, and I dated alot of guys, but none that seriously. The one pretty
serious relationship I did have lasted eight months and I have blocked most of it
out of my memory now, as it ended in terrible disarray. It went on many months
longer than it should have and I learned alot from it, so I don't mind. That's all that
matters, and I'm so young. I don't need to be that serious about any of that yet.

I have to go and make myself presentable for dinner... a few of us are going out
and I'm dressed in my scrubby pajamas still...Normally I would just go out like this
anyway, as I have been all day, but this is a pretty nice restaurant apparently.
I've never been inside it, but we'll see. I'll definitely write more later, as I definitely
have more to write.