my so called life
2001-11-25 22:33:09 (UTC)


Uhm, well
I kind of forgot that I was supposed to finish this. Here I
am again anyways. =)

What to say?
I'm mostly happy right now, so I won't weep and wail =)
Got a 5 on my physics test!! I am so fucking proud of
myself!!! =)
Friday after school I went to the mall with Lucy, Silvia
and Tiff. I was going to buy some colour so that I could
dye my hair, but I changed my mind. Instead I got an
appointment with a hairdresser. She's my age and very
nice.. So saturday at 9 am (!!) I went to get a haircut and
stuff.. I think I look cool.. I like it =)
Last night Ingrid celebrated her birthday. There were a lot
of different people. Met some of the people for Roskilde.

Remember the guy I wrote about last time.. the one from my
class. Met him at the club and we went to this afterparty
together.. He is totally cute. I didn't think of Ben at
all. I got home at 5 am ;)

Well, there's always school tomorrow.. good night ! ;)