Heart of Tanglewood

The Ravings of a Teenage Girl
2001-11-25 21:43:54 (UTC)


I ordered a Blink 182 shirt online last week and I still
haven't gotten it. I want to wear it to school this week so
I hope I get it before Wednesday. (Listening to "Turn off
the lights" by Nellie Furtato-radio)

Someone sent me a message. It makes me feel good to know
someone's reading this. It honestly makes me smile. I sent
him a message back, hope he gets it.

I hope Michael is at school tomorrow.
It's nice outside today, I hope I get to do something like
bike riding or skating. We got to take the dogs for a walk.
They’re going to drive me insane. I've got 2 Australian
Shepherds (red merle and red tri). There like Border
Collie's except they come in different colors, they don't
have tails, they’re a bit larger, and they herd cattle, not
sheep (for some reason, they would eat the sheep). They’re
ultra smart. I mean they are very, very smart. My Red Tri
is named Artie (his name was originally R.D for Red Dog, but
we changed it to Artie) The Red Merle (he's very cream
colored) is named Dusty, his show-dog name is Dr. Pepper
(he's not a show-dog but he's in the showdog club)

Okay, see how bored I am? I just wrote a whole paragraph
about my dogs. (Listening to "you’re a god" by: I forgot)

I'm feeling okay lately; sometimes I just get sick of life.
I'm bored of my life, I want something new. I want to take
more classes and do more things. I get bored easily with
things. I start out slow, and I exceed the things I do.
School is too easy now, I want more. I want more of a
challenge. I'm starting to read other books just to
challenge my brain.

I want someone to go to the prom with so bad! Maybe a boy I
know will go stag and I'll ask him to be my date at the last
minute. Even if I don't like him. I just don't want to go
alone. Oh, well it isn't until April anyway, but I don’t