2001-11-25 21:36:20 (UTC)

somemore of my pathetic bullshit

im trying to think of something to bitch about, hmmmm, oh
yes! The sayin anything is possible. well, no its not. many
things ae possible, but there not LIKLEY. and most things
areny even possible, like if i wanted to fly, could i? no,
no i could not. Im sick of all this shit being poured into
little kids minds these days. all thos stupid little
posters on the boards of their little classroom. "All you
have to do is try" and all that other crap. who makes
tjhose fucking posters!? cuz its just one big fucking lie
to make stupoid little kids think theyre smart and unique
and shit. but when they grow up, what happens to all those
little poster sayings? they all become this bullshit trash.

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