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2001-11-25 21:04:35 (UTC)

Would ya miss me?

I went for my long walk today. I do that every Sunday.
Usually Kim comes with me but she's still in Oshawa. So I
went by myself, walking down by the river. I soooo love the
water. But I was having all these weird thoughts like "If I
never came back, would anybody even miss me?" I mean I know
my parents, sister and Phil would. That's a given. I'm their
blood. But my friends... do I mean anything at all to them?
I don't even know anymore. It's that bad. I have a feeling
that my S would secretly be pleased to be rid of me annoying
him. Who knows, maybe he would miss me? Jess, ha! I doubt
very much she'd miss me. Not the way she's been acting- like
she couldn't care less. I mean she moved and had her phone
disconnected and didn't even have the decency to call her
supposed best friend and let her know. No, I had to find out
from her Dad. And Kim, sure, I'm sure she'd miss me, maybe.
I mean she's said it before but the way I've been feeling
lately, I'm not even sure. Tiff would tell me I'm nuts-
Tiff I wish you were here to talk to! I miss you so much!
I've been having to talk to Matt's cousin for company. Einh.
Hey! Your Matt scored today. They're top of their
conference, 2nd in the OHL and 7th in the CHL- how cool is
that?! K, enough of my belly-aching, back to the game. Note:
For some reason today's other entry was placed before
yesterday's. Weird.

Current mood: yucky
Current music: none, listening to the Petes game