2001-11-25 21:03:23 (UTC)

Ready to head back.....

Thanksgiving Break has been nice, being at home with the
family and all, but I can tell it's time for me to head
back to good ole Clemson. Let's hurry up and get this
semester over with cause it's time to move on to bigger and
better things. Oh well, we will see what happens
huh?...isn't that the way it always is...but don't hold
your breath cause you may not live much longer that way.

Well into a stressful week I go so there may not be much to
read except for the occassional AAAHHHHHHH I need a break,
but I'll be loving every minute of it. I'm just ready to
get back into the regular schedule of things and make sure
everything is going to go smoothe this week.

Well, since I'm still stuck in Union until everyone is
ready to go, I'm going to try and make use of my time. So
until we meet again....toodles!