Reality Bites
2001-11-25 19:27:50 (UTC)

Special K

I really like special K, I just thought I'd say that. This
break has gone by quick, I wish it was longer...I didnt get
to go shopping, so thats a bummer...maybe my mom will take
me today...but thats doubtfull...I finished most of my
homework yesterday, I just have to fix my essay cause it's
got tons of mistakes. It's actually good though because it
was a really hard topic. Anyways, I need some new winter
clothes BADLY! I talked to Jesse last night for like a
second on-line.

ME: Jes! I'll see you Monday, I just wanted to say hi...bye!
HIM: "LOL! Why bye?
ME: Because I'm gonna go get some coffee, do you think
anywhere's open? (it was 1:30 AM)
HIM: LOL HAHAHA! Oh yea! Are you kidding of course
everywhere's open! Why wouldn't they be?! haha
ME: Ok well, if you say so Jes! Wanna come with?
HIM: Sure...I'll be right over!
ME: Nice! We can make it an extravaganza!
HIM: "YEAAA we will!! lol
ME: Alright, I should go to bed, I'm getting crazy I'm so
tierd...or have you already noticed?
HIM: Lol Naww! Sleep good! TTYL!

He's SO cute! Lets see whatelse can I tell ya...Oh Alyssa
and Tim are getting together YET AGAIN. They went to the
beach yesterday and then I today she's going to his
house...Gosh she like LIVES there, and his mom doesnt even
like her! what is that about? I dont know why it bothers me
so much...I think maybe because before this week she was
like not anywhere without him, and that in itself bothers
me...When i need to talk to her...I have to call his house
cause she's either on the phone with him or at his house,
she leaves me to go to his house all the time, which means
I have to walk home by myself, and yea we so said we
wouldn't do that....but whatever, Im not mad, just
annoyed..ya know? I kinda want my best friend back a
little...without Tim that is. I love Tim Alot lot, but when
he's NOT with Alyssa. I should go do my essay...Lates