.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-11-25 19:26:24 (UTC)

rushmore on comedy central

i forgot how much i liked that movie, gave my mom a
handjob, haha, its the greatest.

so i guess my bro got slammed last night, he called me on
my cell to tell me hes stayin the night. so anyway, i just
stayed home, zac and i had a long chat, i was pretty
paranoid that clint had, previsously, told him that he
thought i like him, which i honestly dont (do i need to
reference to his pink-ness) haha, hes adorable but so not
my kinda boy.

hairspray is on now, its 2:06,im pretty bored, i should
shower and all, im siked about west chester tommorw, i
really want the saves the day vinyl.

rich got home from maine today and hes been away all day,
im sad, i had so much to tell him about the weekend.

nothing really write worthy today, i should finish my
article for alyssas zine, i may just re write it all
together. im not satisfied with it at all. i dont think
it meets my normal writing standards, or maybe the
standards i wish i could meet.

itlooks gross outtoday, i think im gonna make 1/4 sheet
hearnet.com flyers for kids at shows, its worth gettin the
word out about unneccessarily loud shows and concerts.

so enough of that. time to get presentable.