Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-11-25 19:23:23 (UTC)


Well...this has been quite a hectic, but fun weekend. On
Friday I went to the movies to see Domestic Disturbance
with Rebecca, Heather, Julianne, and Jenna Doglio. It was a
really good movie. Then, that night I had to go to
confirmation rehearsal becuase I was my little sister's
sponsor. On Saturday, I slept in until about 12 I think and
then I helped paint my living room. I was gunna go to
James's party, but I didn't really feel like it. So
Julianne just came over and we talked foorever! I dont know
what I would do without her. Me and Heather came up with
this really good idea. We are all going to Wal-Mart and
picking names off the tree and then buying gifts for the
unfortunate children instead of giving gifts to each other
for Christmas. Today was Confirmation day so there was a 2
hour mass at the church. It was another milestone on my
path to be closer to God though. For once, I actually paid
attention the whole time the priest was giving his homily,
and I understood! It was all about the path that God wants
us to take in life and about how to get to the path...I realized that
my biggest(favorite as he put it) sin is lying. I guess that I used to
(and sometimes still a little) lie a lot to make myself look better
cuz of my low-self esteem problem. I guess I'm getting somewhat
better about it....slowly. Cuz I guess now that I know I have some
good friends that are going to stay with me, it helps with all the
other stuff. And now that I am closer with God, I know that he will
do whatever he thinks is best for me. Well, I've been grounded from
the internet all weekend...but I can finally get back on! It's about
time! Lots of things have been happening with friends this
weekend..but thats for another entry