Stuff That I'm Writing
2001-11-25 18:40:24 (UTC)

Friday Nite Crazyness(11/23)

Friday was bad. Very bad. House full of family bc of
turkey day. So every room is occupied and i get pushed off
to the couch. Woke up at 8am with a cranky attitude so
everyone seemed to get on my nerves. I was so desperate I
took the job of babysitting my 8 month old niece just so i
could have sum company that was actually quiet for 3
hours. Then it was party time..wich..turned out to be a
bad idea. Let my tell you..drinking alcohol and staying at
a friends house that you used to not a good
combo. Well..i still had lotsa fun..just bc i was drunk..i
always have fun when i am drunk tho. I think i finally
passed out at like 5 am and then woke up at 8am. But the
strange thing is..i wasnt cranky..just really hungover. So
that was my excitement of the day.

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