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i hug pillows
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2001-11-25 18:29:54 (UTC)

back from church

im very very tired. i fell asleep in church for like 2
minutes. i wanted to go straight home and sleep but we went
out to lunch and i wanted to write before i went to sleep.

i had such a horrible dream last nite. i cant remember much
of it but i know i didnt like it. i was scared of
something. hmm?

im confused. i really wanna cut my hair again but super
short. then again, i wanna grow my hair out. oh this is
dumb. i hate the inbetween stage of hair.

i havent talked to adam or ben today. i think adam works
today too.

errrr. back to school we go. im not ready for it. if i had
homework this weekend i didnt do it. tomorrow is an A day.

my family and i were talkin about christmas and my mum
wants a fake tree because it doesnt make a mess or smell or
something like that and my brother and i want a real one.
but we all know that mum always win. :/

i guess im gonna take a nap. but its not the same without
adam. :)

welp- later.

t F
a y

-can you stil hear me say i love you?-

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