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2001-11-25 18:14:21 (UTC)

*cringes* TG holidays are OVER...oh the horror!!!

okok...i know i said that i'd save the profile thing for the next entry...which would make the 'next entry'
THIS entry...but i would rather talk about thanksgiving holidays LOL...sorry guys. profile will come later!
this thanksgiving was the best one ever i believe. but with that said, it depresses me even further to think
that it is OVER...tomorrow the dreaded school schedule will come back and make my life one living heck.
*sighs* ahhh well...what ppl do for education im telling you WHAT. *sighs again* LOL school really isnt
that bad though, i guess...i mean, im only there for a few hours or so... its just that everything just gets so
dang repetitive and boring and OLD....but only a few more months of this left however, then im out for
good. "deal with it man! and make the most of the time you have left!" is what i keep telling my self over
and over again. ANYWAYS...back to the real subject- TG holidays and it being one of the best holidays
ever. let's see...i got to spend lots of time w/ my boyfriend and i got to meet his family for the first time...
i just hope that they dont think im some total dork or something heheee ohh well, i think i got along w/ em.
they were really easy to talk to and i wasnt as close to feeling as intimidated and shy as i thought i would
be. likewise, he also got to spend some time w/ my family. my parents were impressed with it all i believe,
so it's alll gooood. my bf ended up staying 2 nights at my house and i ended up staying a night over at his...
that sounded kinda bad. LOL!!! it wasnt even like that at all though, we're good kids. seriously! my parents
are really strict anyways, so it's not like anything could happen, (which it wouldnt though, not now at least...
we're still too young and it's way too early to think aobut that at this point) im really impressed with my
parents on the whole situation by the way... i've gotten so much more freedom these past few months...
after a lifetime of being under strict surveillance, are they finally realizing that i am growing up?? (ahh, but
more about that in another entry) hehehe long distance relationships... i still cant decide whether i like them
or not. it's hard not seeing that someone for long periods of time (longest we've ever gone is about 5 weeks
and boy was that tough) but u know what, i think it strengthens that bond that two ppl share even more...
teaches patience and the most important thing i think, trust. and it also makes those moments of seeing
each other, incredibly special. i love the way things are right now... it just feels so, right... and
good. me happy. i cant remember the last time i felt like this...maybe b/c the reason being is that i've just
never felt like this ever before! i mean, duh, of course i've felt happiness before, but this is a different type
of happiness. is this love? i know i dont know what love really is...i believe that we all have our ideas
about it, but until we experience it's true meaning, we can never know exactly WHAT it is. i really do like
him and care for so much, more than i have ever felt for ANY guy, and for noone's sake but ours, i
think i really do love him. and for once i think i have finally found a guy that feels the same way and thinks
the same way i do about this whole thing. im feeling a lil poetic right now, let's see if i can get a good poem
out of this mood... if it turns out good, i'll post it for the next entry... and i still have to give you a profile...
and yet another a/b the parents thing... ahhhhhhh!!! okokok, gimme a few weeks...
then hopefully this thing will finally be pulled together and updated.

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