Janus Wolf

The Book of Janus
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2001-11-25 18:12:34 (UTC)

Chapter six - The Arts

And now, let me explain something about the ARTS of the
school. They are here to develop a talent of the slave in
a sexualy arousing way. Here are the main arts:

GAMEMAKING is the way to create fun games, »punnishments«
and such for the bedtime. A good slave is always creative.

WRITING is an art of writing erotic stories, poems, or any
other form. It is very fun to read for the Master and if
the slave is proficient in the art of acting, she can make
the reading of her work that more interesting.

ACTING is an art, but to a level it must be developed as
an entertainment skill. There is, by my experience a lever
of acting that anyone can do with a little practice, but
with talent it can become an art. A slave talented in
acting is very fun, she can act out different roles in a
game, a school-girl, a naughty nurse or anything like that.

CRAFT is an art of making objects, they can be paintings,
sculptures, or a slave can even make new toys or make old
ones better. If a slave is talented in a certain craft it
is a very useful art to persue for both Master and slave.

So these are the ARTS. They are not necessary for a slave
to learn, but are a welcome bonus.