Janus Wolf

The Book of Janus
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2001-11-25 18:00:16 (UTC)

Chapter five - The Skills

Now, to the four types of SKILLS a sub sould be trained
at. They are very important to please the master, so they
should be trained well. Here are the main types of skills:

PLEASURE SKILLS – Knowing how to satisfy the master (and
herself) by using her body or toys is very important. S
slave should be profitient in hand jobs, oral sex, and
such things. Of all skills these are perhaps the most

RELAXATION SKILLS – These skills include massage, petting
and so on, making the master feel good in not a strictly
sexual way.

SERVING SKILLS – A sexual slave is of course otherwise NOT
a servant of the Master, but there are many situations in
which she must serve the Mater, weather this is serving
food or drinks, or perhaps helping him to dress. For
instance, the master might enjoy his favourite drink,
spilled over his slave's breasts for him to lap up. Or, a
caring slave might be pleased to shave him or wash his
hair. But it is all in a loving sexual context.

ENTERTAINMENT SKILLS – Dancing, acting and telling of
stories these are all the skills a master is happy to see
well trained. His slave preforming just for him is very
arousing, also her preforming in public, in front of other
masters, if she consents on being on such humiliating

These are the SKILLS of the School of Janus

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