Janus Wolf

The Book of Janus
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2001-11-25 17:46:22 (UTC)

Chapter four - The Lores

Let us now talk about the LORES. It will be no big
surprise to find out that there are four main lores. Here
are they:

SELF LORE is a knowledge a sub has of herself. She must
alwas aks herself questions about herself, her desires and
fears. There is a sure way to keep that knowledge, by
building a FILE. There will be a thorough explenation how
to build a file later.

MASTER LORE is knowledge of desires and pleasures of the
master. A slave must not hesitate to ask questions of him
if she wants to please him more. She can also build a FILE
of the master.

SEXUAL LORE is the theoretic knowledge of the sexual
nature. It consists of knowing about famous erotic art
pieces, books, films etc., and also theories of positions,
pleasing her master and so on.

GENERAL LORE is determined by the master, though learning
some things he wantshis perfect slave to know is more a
suggestion than an order. A master with much interest in
mythology would suggest a slave to develop a lore in this
cathegory, but it is not prudent to demand that she learns
it if she finds it boring.

These are the LORES of the School of Janus.

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