Book of Tears
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2001-11-25 17:41:42 (UTC)

Kinda funny, but kinda not

5675 Garnett Road
Mulberry, FL 33860

Jessica Paden
6311 Woodale Drive.
Mulberry FL 33861

Dear Jessica,
The intention of this letter is to thank you for
being there for me. Your not only my girlfriend but my best
friend. I cant imagine life without you in it. I wouldn't
have anyone to go to when im feeling down in the dumps.
You are my everything. Your the reason I like to go to
school. Your the reason I wake up in the early hours. Just
so I can talk to you just a little more than I do. I wish
that I could spend every minute of ever second of my day
with you.
I thank you so much for being my angel. I've never
been loved by angel before. I've never been with some one
that feels the same way towards me as I feel towards them.
Words just can't explain how I feel. There are a thousands
of thoughts that are running through my head. That I just
cant say because of lack of room. I know this may seem
random and I know this may seem really mushy. And if it
does im sorry I just can't say it any other way.
So again I thank you for holding me and being there
for me in my many times of need. I love you with all of my
heart and soul.

With an eternal love,


Didnt belive me that you were my orginal person to
write to did ya?